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From "Neeme Praks" <>
Subject Avalon i18n support refactored once more
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 07:51:35 GMT

I did some thinking and the version implemented yesterday still didn't feel
quite right, so I went back and refactored some more ;-)
Main changes this time:
* renamed all classes :-), to make the names shorter and easier to digest.
Resourcebundles are from now on called simply bundles.
* added a notion of BundleLoaders that are more or less object factories for
different bundles + they are responsible for extended functionality for
pre-loading all bundles when Avalon/Cocoon/whatever starts up the first time
* added BundleInfo helper class, to encapsulate all possible parameters the
bundle selection process could depend on
* BundleSelector now properly implements the Selector interface, as there is
only one "hint" object (BundleInfo) passed to the .select() method
* the whole system is highly configurable and supports pluggable Bundle,
BundleLoader and BundleInfoMapper implementations, implementing different
storage mechanisms (plain-text, xml, db, etc) should be fairly easy now.
* added the notion of bundlematchers that enable multiple bundle
implementations to be used in parallel (matched against BundleInfo) in a
working system... but I'm still not sure about the implementation, though...

Again didn't really have time to test it yet...


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