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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and Axis
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 12:56:00 GMT
Matthew Langham wrote:
> Axis is currently the "Soap engine" of choice in the Cocoon project an we
> have now started to use this duo in a real-world application and came
> accross several issues that prevented us from getting something up and
> running (proxy, Apache Soap 2.2 Vector). These problems we sent to the list
> but received little (or no) reply.
> So in the end we fixed the things ourselves and Carsten submitted these
> patches (httpProxy, VectorDeserializer) - but they seem to take long to make
> it into the distribution (the VectorDeserializer is still not there) - why
> is this? Over on the Cocoon project we are used to short submittal cycles
> and find the Axis project be rather slow when it comes to this.

"Customers" finding and fixing problems themselves is one of the benefits
of open source.  I certainly won't say that we couldn't have done better
(we clearly could have), but for the moment can I ask that you open problem
reports on bugzilla for issues that are important to you.

> I think that in order to get Axis into real world scenarios (if that is the
> goal) the project needs to put more emphasis on these types of problems in
> addition to what Sanjiva writes (and I agree on his points).

The fundamental question is "who is the project".  The biggest problem
historically with this project has been that it has been understaffed.
People who were active participants for long periods of time disappear
suddenly and without a trace for a long period of time, only to poke their
head in occasionally to give advice as to what the others should be working
on.  No, I am not attempting to single out Sanjiva - pretty much all but
one or two names on the committers list falls into this category.

And this includes every single last committer who has volunteered for the
one functional area that Sanjiva has singled out as missing - attachments.

For a while, the solution appeared to be to nominate more committers.  That
has lead to mixed results as best.  Glen (unquestionably one of the stable
resources committed to the Apache Soap projects) has now rightfully called
in question this practice.

At the same time, I would love to see some more involvement by cocoon
committers.  Berin, dims, and yourself all appear interested, but as I
pointed out above, we have recently been burned by disappearing committers.

> So - what is the answer? Should Cocoon switch back to using Apache Soap 2.x?

If you want a DOM based approach (like cocoon1 was), then sure.  If not,
bear with us, and pitch in when you can.

- Sam Ruby

P.S.  I'll take a look into the VectorDeserializer patch.

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