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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject was bug #18 in bugzilla
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2001 23:45:01 GMT
Persistent Store 
Bug#: 18  Product: Cocoon 1  Version: 1.8.1-dev  Platform: All  
OS/Version: All  Status: ASSIGNED  Severity: Enhancement  Priority: Medium  
Resolution:  Assigned To:  Reported By:  
Component: Caching  
Summary: Persistent Store  
Keywords: COCOON_2_ALSO 

[Also relevant to Cocoon 2]

 Let's write a specification first.
   There are so many factors to consider, this needs thought.

Hi Robert,
I have written a component for cocoon2 to store cocoon objects in a
persistent state on fs. But I'm not lucky with my solution.
If wanted, I would like to help writing a specification about
this problem.

What thoughts did you made about this matter?

The main problems in cocoon2 were:
- That not all objects, which are stored are serializable.
And this objects cannot easily made serializable. Because
of that I didn't find a very generic solution.
- Performance is a problem when serializing great objects.
- Monitoring of the filesystem usage.
- Many many little objects in one directory.


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