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From "marc fleury" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon and Axis
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 14:54:39 GMT
|I happen to be an IBMer.  Axis is not my full time job.  The other IBMers
|on the commit list are many of the ones I mentioned as having come and
|gone.  I also happen to be an Apache member, Cocoon committer, Jakarta PMC
|chair, XML PMC member...

so you are a full time IBM employee doing Open Source full time.

|Let me tell you, bootstrapping a community is HARD.

Tell me about it.

|The problem I was referring to comes in when people identify attachments as
|a significant omission, and someone who has established a track record for
|contributing good code volunteers to take that assignment, works on it
|briefly and then disappears.  And this process gets repeated.

This is not a "problem".  This is THE PROCEDURE as far as I am concerned.

|Clearly, my explanation of the problem wasn't complete.  We have had a low
|threshold for admitting commiters, but this wasn't enough.  We also need a
|"critical mass" of core developers.  We clearly dipped below that level a
|few months back, but we are now working back to a workable level.

not good.

|months.  I'm serious, make something better with a more viable community
|model and I'm there.
|Meanwhile, I am going to try to see if we can make this one work.

hmmm this is going all over the map, not good.  I want to know that this is
not "corporate" development that will disappear in a month (e.g. Enhydra
Lutris) once the work is done by others.

Dr. Jung from Germany, is not a lightweight, is a serious commiter on JBoss,
and is someone who works with me on the classloader architecture of JBoss
and if you want to really lose your mind come and taste some of that dope...
it is not the critical mass of developer that you want is the seriously
commited ones (professionals) with talent and assigned at work.

Management of the development commits is simple and straighforward.  Grow,
think statiscally, this is not marriage, dole out 5 rw passwd in the next
days (including jung ;-) and see who sticks around, remove those that don't
or seriously fuck up, again think statiscally.

RAID = Redundant Array of Intelligent Developers  (who said inexpensive?)


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