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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Documentation: short alternative to @docname@?
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2001 07:46:10 GMT
Some months ago, we decided to everywhere use "Apache Cocoon" instead
of simply Cocoon due to another project called "Cocoon".
I agree, that the docs look much better if you simply use Cocoon
instead of "Apache Cocoon". So a simple solution would be to
mention "Apache Cocoon" once in each document (anywhere at the top)
and from that on simply use "Cocoon".

Although I introduced @docname@, @doctitle@ etc, I'm not happy with
them. According to the recent decision not to use the version number
when mentioning Apache Cocoon, I think we can and should simply 
remove all these placeholders and write directly what we mean.
This makes the documentation useable with any stylesheet which
can transform the documentation format, no need for Ant, another
transformer etc.


Gianugo Rabellino wrote
> Ciao team,
> while writing the user documentation I came across quite often to the
> need of writing "Cocoon" instead than "Apache Cocoon" for fluency and
> readability. Since I'm stricly sticking to the use of @docname@ and
> @doctitle@, I'm unwilling to write the "Cocoon" term directly in the
> phrase: couldn't it be the case to have another macro that expands to
> "Cocoon" only ("shortname" or "appname" maybe)?
> As an example, consider the following paragraph I wrote (I'm starting
> some general documentation about Cocoon configuration):
> "Every application needs to be configured, and Apache Cocoon is no
> exception to the rule. Apache Cocoon has three basic configuration
> points: the first one is of course the sitemap, which is responsible for
> making decisions about how the processing takes place given a requested
> resource; the second one is Apache Cocoon's own configuration, where the
> Apache Cocoon components are declared and configured; finally there is a
> configuration file mostly intended for hard-core developers willing to
> play with the Avalon configuration of Apache Cocoon".
> Well... I think that the above paragraph sounds much better using only
> "Cocoon" instead  of the whole "Apache Cocoon". Am I the only one? :)
> Ciao,
> --
> Gianugo (who had not the time to discover where and how the macro are
> expanded... please bear with my ignorance, in any case I'm volunteering
> to implement that :)
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