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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: [RT]: Session support
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 07:40:22 GMT
> Michael Hartle wrote:
> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> >Hi Team,
> >
> >I think it's time for a new here we go:
> >
> >Cocoon 2 supports session handling. Mainly this is a feature
> >supported by the servlet engine and Cocoon simply uses it.
> >
> >However, writing real world applications requires a little
> >bit more effort than necessary when it comes to url rewriting.
> >If your servlet engine uses url rewriting and not cookies,
> >every url has to be rewritten. Unfortunately this has to
> >be done manually!
> >I would like to have it automatically (at least for html)!
> >What I thought of is enhancing the html serializer, so that
> >he rewrites urls (links etc) if necessary. Unfortunately
> >this is not possible, as the serializer does not get the
> >objectModel!
> >
> Regarding session handling via url rewriting, why not consider the 
> session id to be part of the URI as a directory ? I was in the need of 
> something similar to such a session, so I used regexp matchers in the 
> sitemap to handle something like 
> "<session-id>/login.html" including other 
> pages and sub-directories than only login, passing on the matched 
> session id as a parameter. By only using relative links from this point 
> on, the browser kept the session in the URI when a link is used, and 
> this technique can be used with what we have now without specific 
> modification.
Ah, the good old WebObjects style! Simple, looking a little bit ugly,
but it works perfectly.


> I guess some may see it as a pain if you set up all pipelines for the 
> needed pages manually, but this isn't so if you can categorize all pages 
> in need and use a pipeline with regexp matchers for each category. But 
> this technique could be perfectly handled by the alternative Tree 
> Traversal proposal for the sitemap, as far as I followed the discussion, 
> by basically handling anything below "/session/<session-id>/", 
> extracting the session-id and always passing it as a parameter no matter 
> which sub-directories or pages are being requested.
> But I think you are generally speaking of an important issue concerning 
> the general ability to rewrite URLs in a XML-conforming way. I am still 
> preparing to write a XLinkRewriteTransformer which takes a seperate 
> configuration file with regexp rewriting rules that will be applied to 
> all XLink links; a solution like this might prove to be useful in a 
> number of cases, eg. using Cocoon in conjunction with a content 
> management system where all the different XML documents stored have 
> relative URLs that are valid regarding the document repository, but not 
> necessarily anymore when being modified and published through Cocoon.
> Best regards,
> Michael Hartle
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