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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject Donating Cocoon Components to Avalon
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 10:41:52 GMT
Hi Avalon Team, hi Cocoon Team,

we had some weeks ago discussions about moving common
components from Cocoon to Avalon. Both communitites
agreed to this step.

So, I think we should now start to identify the components
we could give to Avalon. As a first start I would
propose the following:

- XML Parser
- XSLT Processor
- XPath
- Resolver (Entity Resolver)
- XMLSerializer/XMLDeserializer (The XML to byte stream
- SourceHandler/SourceFactory/Source

One of the most important components I think is the SourceHandler which
is a replacement of the classes. It allows to define own
(like cocoon:, or cvs: etc) in a server environment. Many projects (Cocoon,
Batik, perhaps soon FOP etc) have their own implementations which makes
same difficult and sometimes impossible.

In addition Cocoon uses some interfaces (in the org.apache.cocoon.xml
like XMLConsumer, XMLizable etc which are right placed in Avalon, too.

If we have identified the components to move/donate, we should start discuss
if they should be moved unchanged or if they could be redesigned. But
this should be the second step.

So, are there more components we could donate?
Avalon Team, are you interested in this?

What's the correct procedure for this?


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