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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: [Request]: Sitemap Components Documentation
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:28:06 GMT
Ciao Gianugo,

> Gianugo Rabellino wrote:
> Ciao Carsten,
> > So this is actually a request for help. We could start by
> > documenting all sitemap components (generators, actions,
> > matchers, serializers, transformers, selectors). This should
> > be seen as user documentation, so implementation details
> > etc. does not play a role.
> first of all I have to excuse myself: I promised to volunteer and send
> some docs, but unfortunately I had some paid and urgent work to do so I
> was unable to start. Hopefully (well, not when it comes to my financial
> setup ;)) the situation will change shortly and I might be able to help
> you out a bit more.
> Secondly, I'm a bit puzzled by the document setup: I didn't quite get
> what you are planning as the final documentation layout: I saw that you
> added a "userdocs" tree which is fine, but I fail to understand if and
> how to reuse and reorganize the existing documentation.
Yes, that is really a problem. There are only some parts I think which 
can be reused as the current docs are more developer related. So writing
new ones might be better.

> I tried to come up with a first addition and wrote the "matchers"
> document. I'm attaching it, please tell me if this is what you are
> expecting or if I'm using the wrong approach: if it's OK I'll finish it
> up and send you a diff.
This looks absolutely great! It's exactly what I was thinking of!
So keep on!

Many thanks,

> Ciao,
> --
> Gianugo Rabellino

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