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From "Tom Klaasen (TeleRelay)" <>
Subject RE: SQLTransformer doesn´t output namespace prefixes?
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 07:41:34 GMT
Per-Olof (or is it Norén?),
AFAIK, Sven (in cc, because I don't know he's still on the list) and I
have made the latest changes to the SQLTransformer with the help of
Vadim and dims. I for one haven't touched the ContentHandler interface
of SQLTransformer, but I suspect Sven did. I also suspect that the
prefix-handling wasn't done simply because we didn't need it. So go
ahead, there's no objection to implementing stuff others were too lazy
to do ;-)

	-----Original Message-----
	From: Per-Olof Norén [] 
	Sent: donderdag 4 oktober 2001 19:05
	Subject: SQLTransformer doesn´t output namespace prefixes?
	I´m currently implementing a kind of "backend" pipeline for a
	The concept is a xml based command language that encapsulates
and "objectifies" the underlying relational database model.
	1. xslt transform ( parsing the criteria part of the command
into sql query)
	2. sql transformer 
	3. xslt transform (parsing the extent ie data to view, and
creating queries)
	4. sql transformer 
	5. xslt (creating the response)
	protocol is something like this:
	initial file looks something like this:
	        <cmd:criterion type="type">value</cmd:criterion>
	        <cmd:extent type="type">parameter</cmd:extent>
	after xslt transformation
	        <sql:query> THE QUERY </sql:query>
	        <cmd:extent type="type">parameter</cmd:extent>
	after sql transformer:
	        <cmd:extent type="type">parameter</cmd:extent>
	No sql prefix is outputted on the objects tag!  The outputted
namespace uri is correct, though
	Looking into the code of the SQLTransformer one detects that
	there is no implementation of the start- and endPrefixMapping.
	To my knowledge, there is no way of knowing the prefix to output
	if the start- and endPrefixMapping methods aren´t implemented?
	Is there a design reason for not to output prefixes?
	If there is, please let me know.
	I will probably implement the prefix outputting mechanism if
there is no reason.
	Thx in advance
	Per-Olof Norén
	Stockholm, Sweden

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