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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject [RTl] i18n transformer
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2001 12:39:44 GMT
I'd like to propose some changes to the i18n transformer...
...but they are still more RT - so here we go:

We need the i18n transformer to be more pluggable in
aspects of the key lookup.
Right now only the XMLResourceBundle is supported.
But what if you want your resource strings to reside
in a database?

 a)We could have an AbstractI18nTransformer
   that can be extended from SqlI18nTransformer and
   But this would mean to have different component
   for quite the same task. Don't know

 b)Maybe a bit nicer sollution could be to have an

    interface I18nDictonary {
       public String lookup( String key );
       public long getLastModified();

   A helper class could delegate the lookup to the original
   XMLResourceBundle. If the getLastModified() is available
   making the I18nTransformer cacheable should be really easy,
   too. Cacheability would only depend on the features of
   the dictonary then.

I'd be happy to implement this stuff.
Just wanted to make sure I get a "ok" first ;)

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