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From "Jeremy Aston" <>
Subject RE: Documentation Query
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 02:29:39 GMT
Thanks for the help Carsten however I am still having a couple of problems,
primarially due to my lack of detailed knowledge of how the sitemap works.


If I have the following folder/file structure (once the prepare-docs target
has been done):



...the following match:

<map:match pattern="**transformations/**">
  <map:read src="xdocs/{1}transformations/{2}" mime-type="text"/>

Gives me the xml and xsl files.  What would happen if I had a
.jpg/.gif/.zip/.swf (Flash) or other binary file in this structure?  It
would be nice to be able to use one match pattern for all files and get them
just passed through.  I cannot find the way of doing this so I imagine you
have to specify a match for each binary file type, specifying the mime type
to ensure it is passed through correctly.  I have tried no specifying the
mime type but this just calls the default one which is HTML.

Is there a solution for this or am I doing something madly wrong?

Secondly, if I use "samples" instead or "transformations" nothing gets
copied.  This also happens if I use "samples/transformations" e.g.:



does not get copied with either a match of:

<map:match pattern="**samples/transformations/**">
  <map:read src="xdocs/{1}samples/transformations/{2}" mime-type="text"/>


<map:match pattern="**samples/**">
  <map:read src="xdocs/{1}samples/{2}" mime-type="text"/>

The obvious problem is incorrect pattern matching but I'm not sure what the
right one should be.  Before you ask the <link> tags do point to assets in
the right folders relative to ctwig root.  I cannot see anywhere to get
examples of the pattern matching - if something does exist and you can point
me in the direction of it I will gladly check it out and maybe even add a
section to cTwIG.

Hopefully you can help clear these queries up and help me make sure what I
do is as generic as possible.



-----Original Message-----
From: Carsten Ziegeler []
Sent: 16 October 2001 10:41
Subject: AW: Documentation Query

> Jeremy Aston wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been using the latest changes to the documentation build
> mechanism to
> render my cTwIG pages and have got them built quite nicely now with one
> exception.  In the transformations section of my pages I have some example
> xml and xsl files that sit in subfolders underneath the cTwIG
> folder.  These
> files are automatically getting picked up by the build process but since
> they are not xdocs the build process spits them out with a no matching
> pipeline error.  Is there anyway of telling Cocoon to ignore these in the
> build process?  I thought perhaps the the new user documentation section
> might have example files and therefore the same issue but it does not -
> hence my question.
Hi Jeremy,

currently there is no support for such things as samples etc. But it could
be added very easy. There are two solutions. First one is prefixing every
example, so each sample file start e.g. with "sample-". Then you could add
a match node to the sitemap before all others simply filtering "sample-**"
and reading the file (if xml) and directly serializing it.
The other solution is to store them in a separate folder, so samples
are always refered to by "sample/...." and than again a match node
with equal behaviour should be added.
You need these rules, so that those files are copied to the build directory.


> I must say btw that the new doc structure and build process is a real
> improvement, as is the user doc section.  Top marks whoever did it!
> Many thanks
> Jeremy
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