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From kzielinski <>
Subject [C2] Problems with characters greaten than 128 in Cocoon serializers.
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2001 15:08:20 GMT

I have problems with characters serialized by XMLSerializer and
HTMLSerializer with ISO-8859-2 encoding. Characters greaten than 128
(national characters) are serialized in "extended" form in output
stream. For example character with code 260 is serialized in as
"&#260;" and German "umlaut" is serialized to &ouml;. Some characters
have short representation in ISO-8859-2 encoding, but HTMLSerializer
represents them in "extended" form, and then convert them to entities
based on ISOlat1.pen file.       

I have checked TEXTSerializer serializer, it correct serializes this
kind characters. 

I have prepared example subsitemap called encoding. Please check the

I have checked Xerces and it's serializing method returns correct
result for DOMSerialising and SAXSerializing. 

I don't know where should I try to find solution this trouble. I have
tried to debug Cocoon 2,Xalan and Tomcat but I've filed. 

Please help.

Best regards,
 Krzysztof Zielinski                
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