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From Peter Royal <>
Subject Re: RT - Tree Traversal Implementation of Sitemaps and XSP
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 13:04:05 GMT
At 02:05 PM 10/6/2001 +0200, you wrote:
> > I took your previous words about the removal of hotspots and applied those
> > to our XSP pages in house. Before I was recreating the same java code
> > repeatedly. As an answer to the hotspot issue, I moved the code into a
> > separate class file with static methods, just like many of the internal
> > logicsheets.
>Did you obtain any visible performance improvement?

I never got a chance to test performance. The main benefit when I made the 
change was ease of debugging :)

I plan to move most of my code from XSP pages to transformers though. 
Currently I'm inserting my dynamic data into my mostly-static pages very 
early in the pipeline, thus undermining the excellent caching abilities of 

>Oh, absolutely. Please, keep in mind that the new behavior that we are
>discussing about tree traversal (thus sitemap interpretation vs.
>compilation) will be *TOTALLY* back compatible and will not change the
>sitemap semantics.
>Sorry, I thought this was obvious.

I figured it would be compatible in the near term, but with some of the 
more radical ideas I've seen proposed (flowmap), I thought that down the 
road we would eventually hit a wall that the sitemap can't scale :)

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