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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Donating Cocoon Components to Avalon
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 09:29:25 GMT

Carsten Ziegeler a écrit :
> Hi Avalon Team, hi Cocoon Team,
> we had some weeks ago discussions about moving common
> components from Cocoon to Avalon. Both communitites
> agreed to this step.
> So, I think we should now start to identify the components
> we could give to Avalon. As a first start I would
> propose the following:
> - XML Parser
> - XSLT Processor
> - XPath
> - Resolver (Entity Resolver)
> - XMLSerializer/XMLDeserializer (The XML to byte stream
> compiler/interpreter)
> - SourceHandler/SourceFactory/Source

+1 for all of them.

> One of the most important components I think is the SourceHandler which
> is a replacement of the classes. It allows to define own
> protocols
> (like cocoon:, or cvs: etc) in a server environment. Many projects (Cocoon,
> Batik, perhaps soon FOP etc) have their own implementations which makes
> integrating
> same difficult and sometimes impossible.

Agree. This is a "must move" to Avalon to increase its use. This
potentially allows smart things like passing a Cocoon pipeline or an
XMLdb query as the input of Batik.

> In addition Cocoon uses some interfaces (in the org.apache.cocoon.xml
> package),
> like XMLConsumer, XMLizable etc which are right placed in Avalon, too.

Some of these interfaces are highly used by the above components. So +1
for them also.

> If we have identified the components to move/donate, we should start discuss
> if they should be moved unchanged or if they could be redesigned. But
> this should be the second step.
> So, are there more components we could donate?
> Avalon Team, are you interested in this?

Cache management is also a good canditate. There's also some cache in
Excalibur's scratchpad, but I don't know its status.

> What's the correct procedure for this?

Now that you're an Avalon committer, this shouldn't be difficult ;)
Congrats !

> Carsten

Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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