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From Robert Marcano <>
Subject Re: Memory usage problem
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2001 15:39:53 GMT
I have doubts about using Cocoon+FOP to serve medium to large sized PDF 
reports. I was doing more tests and noted that my servers needs 40 to 
60Mb of RAM per concurrent request to generated a 40 pages PDF report. I 
think that the fo2pdf serializer is the responsible for this memory 
usage, but i may be wrong.

Someone has a clue of where to look to optimize this. I have tested 
JInfonet JReport Enterprise server and it doesn't use this amounts of 
memory (It is expensive and I will serve only a few reports).

Robert Marcano wrote:

> I haven't used Cocoon2 for about three months, and for the first time 
> I need to generate a PDF file with data retrieved using SQL. My 
> question is related to memory usage when using large xml structures.
> I generated a xml file using XSP and the ESQL stylesheets (a table 
> with 1336 records) in order to try to isolate the problem source, this 
> static file was saved and I copied it multiple times with diferent 
> names to my web application in order to transform them with a XSL 
> styleshhet to the XSL:FO namespace (a simple table with 3 columns), 
> and serialized it with "fopdf"
> This is the sitemap fragment used:
>     <map:match pattern="*.pdf">
>         <map:generate src="{1}.xml"/>
>         <map:transform src="stylesheets/prr2fo.xsl"/>
>         <map:serialize type="fo2pdf"/>
>     </map:match>
> I replaced the pipelines in cocoon.xconf with the NonCaching 
> alternatives. When i access the first pdf file, it is generated and 
> the heap grow to about 60Mb of RAM, when I access another one it grows 
> near 40Mb, and it continues to grow with each new pdf request. The 
> free JVM memory always remains low (around 10 or 15 Mb) so the memory 
> is not reclaimed with garbage collection.
> I don't know what may be causing my problem, but if I'm not using 
> caching pipelines, this Cocoon2 behavior is not normal.
> Note: I'm using Cocoon2rc1
> Thanks in advance

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