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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: The Problems with Sitemap Factories
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 09:33:19 GMT
+1. I find these too much complicated and like the idea of an
interpreded sitemap, and even more flowmaps !

But in order to still have a good performance we need a way for some
matchers to prepare patterns (e.g. precompile regexps) during sitemap
initialization. So what about a "PreparedMatcher" ?

interface Matcher {
  Map match (Object pattern, Map objectModel, Parameters parameters);

interface PreparedMatcher {
  Object prepare(String pattern);
  Map match (Object pattern, Map objectModel, Parameters parameters);

As you see, this requires a little modification of the Matcher interface
since the "pattern" parameter will be an Object :
- it's the pattern String (as now) for non-prepared matchers,
- it's the object returned by prepare() for prepared matchers

Or we can also simply add prepare() to Matcher and have AbstractMatcher
return the pattern as is.

I don't know if Selectors could also benefit from a "PreparedSelector".

And since we're talking about matchers and selectors, a few thoughts
(for 2.1 ?) :
- What about giving matchers and selectors access to the source resolver
- I've always been confused that selectors don't have a method called on
"map:select" to set up a context that could be reused between the
different "map:when" alternatives. In many cases this would allow to
reduce select() to a simple equality test and thus speed up processing.


Carsten Ziegeler a écrit :
> Hi Team,
> I would like to propose that we get rid of the sitemap factories,
> the selector and matcher factory.
> I see at least three reasons for this:
> - If you want to use a matcher factory inside a subsitemap,
>   you currently MUST redefine it in the subsitemap as it is
>   not "inherited" from the parent sitemap. This is true
>   of course also true for selectors (I entered this already
>   in bugzilla).
>   Using matchers and selectors in subsitemaps becomes very
>   error prone as you always as a sitemap editor have to be
>   aware if it is *implemented* as a factory or not. I think
>   the sitemap editor does not have to know about such technical
>   details.
> - The factories are hard to code. Java code generated from strings
>   is not so easy to write.
> - This is needed for the new RT, like the recent Tree traversal approach
> So I'm +3 on removing the factories and this even for the final release!
> Carsten
> Open Source Group                        sunShine - b:Integrated
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> Carsten Ziegeler, S&N AG, Klingenderstrasse 5, D-33100 Paderborn
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Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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