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From Joerg Henne <>
Subject Re: AW: [RT]: Session support
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 17:08:38 GMT

Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Yes, I remember the discussions...and I still agree that the
> serializer should not know about the objectModel, but he should
> be able to rewrite urls.
> So, we could pass a URLRewriter object into the serializer:
> interface URLRewriter {
>     boolean isURLRewritingEnabled();
>     String  rewriteURL(String url);
> }
> Any suggestions (or votes!)?

while we're at that, I'd like to point out another problem within this
context: it should be the serializer's job to perform HTTP redirects. The
reason for this is that, although the response status is set to 302 and the
Location header is set, the response usually contains at least some content
which contains a textual description of what happened, e.g. an HTML document
saying that the "Document has moved here". Without this content, clients which
are unable to handle redirects are lost. While this is not a problem with HTML
as there are virtually no clients out there which can't handle redirects, I
had to learn the hard way, that this can be a huge problem with WAP and WML.
There seems to be a number of WAP gateways out there which become utterly
confused if they see a 302 in conjunction with an HTML response (e.g. Vodafone
D2's). For these gateways one should provide a proper WML stack or at least
nothing at all.
Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for this problem available at the
moment. I think it will require some major plumbing within the sitemap

Joerg Henne

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