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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Log Level Standardization
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 13:46:24 GMT
I have noticed in my logs messages like this:

ERROR {...} Jpeg quality not set, using default.

This is not an ERROR as the image is still being generated.
We should standardize on the following log levels:

DEBUG  -- Used for debugging the Component.  This includes
          trace messages, and the like.

INFO   -- Used for general information to the user.  This
          can include general information that will help
          the user configure the component better.

WARN   -- Used when an error condition that is recoverable
          is encountered.  The above log message is an
          example of a WARN level message.  The request
          can _still_ be processed (though possibly not
          like the user may have wanted).

ERROR  -- Used when an error condition that is not recoverable
          is encountered.  This means that the request cannot
          be fulfilled and generates a 500 or 404 level error

FATAL_ERROR -- Used when an error condition that is so bad
               it renders the entire system in an unstable
               or broken state.  This means that EVERY request
               that comes in after this error condition will
               either not be answered (JVM died) or results
               in incorrect output.

Please do not mark something as ERROR when it is recoverable.
The above example (JPEG quality not being set) can arguably
be set anywhere between DEBUG and WARN--depending on the level
of awareness you want to bring. (Personally, I would place it
at INFO so that the user will make the configuration setting).

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