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From Enke Michael <>
Subject Re: C2 Foriegn Language Support
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 13:32:32 GMT
Udi Weinsberg wrote:
> Has anyone managed to use a form with an html encoded language (%CC)? I'm
> trying to put an INPUT field into a Request parameter, but C2 somehow
> scrambels the chars!
> The problem is with languages that are not latin-based, and thus the
> majority of you probably don't care about. However, if this is not
> working, it's a major bug in C2!! (btw, it works on tomcat!)
> Any help/proposal/ideas will be thankful!
> Udi.

Hi Udi,
not only non latin based languages are affected.
I tried it with a character from ISO-8859-1 with codes above 127
(e.g. the german "A (TeX-notation)).
The http-encoded string in the URL is correct (mapped to unicode),
but the XSPRequestHelper seems to interpret it as two characters.
I never looked into but may by there should
be included a way to interpret the parameter value as UTF-8 or other
character encoding as it is done in esql.
Anybody out there who knows better?


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