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From Arno Illmann <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon web applications
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 11:21:07 GMT
I would not post to this list or to this thread, but I read it unfortunately and thought it
could be useful to have a view from the eyes of a Cocoon beginner at this point. Ahead I beg
your pardon for my germlish and want to express my thankfulness and admiration for inventing
and developing Cocoon, working examples and documentation.

"...developers try to use Cocoon, and they look at the sitemap and freeze. ..." (from

I think the main problem in developing with Cocoon is not an incomprehensibility and unusability
of the sitemap concepts, it is especially at this point and in spite of better documentation
in the release candidate a stumbling over lots of undocumented or difficult to find little
things in syntax and usage. I would have a big problem telling my superiors about the progress
of a project I am searching around and want to start a group in funny software puzzle solving.
We need a reference work with a chapter listing sitemap tags, description, parameters, usage,
little example and some hints. Other chapters could be xsp tags, built in logicsheets, actions
and other cocoon specific things for developing applications. 

Next steps in minimizing the problems with the sitemap and improvement of developing applications
with cocoon could be 
a) a additional java or web based GUI with a configuration administrator, an application workbench
with a local and remote window and versioning and checkout features as well as a build, deployment,
production stage and automatical backup manager.  
b) a representative description of a way to work with an IDE which I could not put into effect
without building and restarting tomcat after every little change and after that derive it
to the production stage. This part is really a pain.
c) the highly configurable possibility to appoint files external to a perhaps fully compiled
webapplication in consideration of the particular customizing process of an in its core only
maintained web application version.

I of course do not think there could be no next steps in developing the sitemap concepts especially
splitting and extending the possibilitys of its syntax but I hope this will not be a complete
rewrite of the syntax and in a way backward compatible corresponding to a beta and not an
alpha version.

Kind regards, Arno Illmann

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