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From Martin Man <>
Subject [RT] Validators using xml-schema datatype
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2001 11:52:36 GMT
Hi all,
	I'm now in a deep preparation for validators rewrite as you might know
from my latest RT, but recently one post on cocoon-users asked about using
xml-schema validation capabilities.

	I've taken a short look at the topic and must say that it seems much
easier to reuse xml-schema datatype element to describe data types that your
application is using, and then simply say this request parameter is of that
type, this session one of this type, and voila, ... validation descriptor
structure shouldn't change that much, e.g., still preserving constraint-sets,
and other things, ...

	The question is how to implement the actual datatype validation, ...,
as I'm not xml-schema guru so any comments welcome, ..., know that xerces
should have some validation capabilities...

	The proposed changes seem to be quite huge, so I'm considering to
leave this topic for only cocoon2.1-dev cause it might bring more bugs and
problems to cocoon2.0 which is almost frozen, ...

what do you think ???


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