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From Martin Man <>
Subject Re: Encoding in different modules
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 10:52:40 GMT
On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 12:13:41PM +0200, Enke Michael wrote:
> Hi!
> I found that we have an encoding attribute in esql logicsheet,
> we have an form-encoding in the requets logicsheet and may be more.
> 1) Shouldn't it be possible to take the encoding from
>    <xsp:page language="..." encoding="FROM HERE"/>
>    as the default for all modules?
that would be absolutely perfect, but I think the solution is not that easy,
... there are plenty of different encodings we have to cope with...

I see at least these
- encoding of the database, usually UTF-8 in modern databases, but might be
  also iso1, iso2 for small toys like mysql, etc.

- encoding of the output sent to the client, you can put whatever you want
  here, this is probably the one we would specify via <xsp:page encoding> ..
  the same can be found in JSP for ex.

- encoding of the input parameters sent by GET/POST to cocoon, here only iso1
  is allowed by w3c as of now (!!) but IE/Mozilla/lynx/opera each allow
  somehow to sent national data through, then you're in a situation that input
  from IE is usually in diferent encoding than input from Mozilla/Linux
  (iso-8859- vs. win-125x) and you're completely lost.

result: we have to define which encoding is covered by which parameter...

> 2) The http-serializer also should use this encoding
>    to write it in the header of html as
>    <META ... charset="FROM THERE">
>    ??? From where the encoding is taken now? I always have
>    charset="UTF-8" in the html.
no idea here, it's probably cofigurable via sitemap.xmap, html serializer,
parameter <encoding>, though I might be wrong...

> 3) What's about database actions or other modules -
>    do they support different encodings?
again no idea, as you said, esql is having some encoding attribute which
should do some conversion, though never tried it....

> Michael

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