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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: [C2.1] new SOAP logicsheet
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 21:01:33 GMT

Thanks a ton for your contribution. Checked it in. Please cross check. 
- I have added it to the main page too for better visibility. 
- Fixed hard coded /home/ovidiu strings.
- Fixed imports in URLSource that went bad after the merge.

One Request, If we can get rid of the HTTPClient dependency it will be great!!! Please take
a look


--- Ovidiu Predescu <> wrote:
> I sent this patch yesterday, but it bounced back because it was bigger than
> 100,000 bytes. I've placed the jar file mentioned below at:
> Cheers,
> Ovidiu
> -- 
> Hi,
> This patch adds implements a SOAP logicsheet entirely using Cocoon concepts. It
> doesn't depend on any SOAP client library to do the marshaling and unmarshaling
> of the SOAP body.
> The SOAP logicsheet is based on another concept, which I called XScript. This
> allows one to define pseudo-variables in XSP, whose value can be inline XML or
> any XML content obtained from an URL resource. Such a value is an
> XScriptObject, and can contain in general case any content, not only XML.
> <xscript:variable name="var1">
>   <b>this is a title</b>
> </xscript:variable>
> <xscript:variable name="var2" href="docs/samples/data.xml"/>
> Once a variable is defined, you can refer to it by name, and have its XML
> content inserted in the generated XML.
> <xscript:get name="var1"/>
> You can transform the value of an XScript variable using XSLT stylesheets.
> Since an XSLT stylesheet is an XML document, it can be represented as an
> XScript object. XScript provides ways to transform an XScript object into
> another XScript variable.
> Example:
> // Transform the content of "var1" through "mystyle.xsl" and insert the
> // resulting XML in the generated XML document.
> <xscript:variable name="mystyle" href="stylesheets/mystyle.xsl"/>
> <xscript:transform name="var1" stylesheet="mystyle"/>
> // Similarly as above, but assign the result of the transformation to another
> // XScript object
> <xscript:variable name="result">
>   <xscript:transform name="var1" stylesheet="mystyle"/>
> </xscript:variable>
> Each XScript variable can be declared to be visible in a particular scope. The
> available scopes are:
> - global, you can access the variable from any page, by any user.
> - session, the variable is visible only in the scope of the session it was
> created in.
> - page, the variable is visible only in the page it was created in.
> The scope is specified using the "scope" attribute:
> <xscript:variable name="var1" scope="session"/>
> <xscript:variable name="mystyle" scope="global"/>
> <xscript:variable name="page-var" scope="page"/>
> The default scope is "session".
> You can create XScript variables using the content of other XScript variables,
> or using a mixture of inline XML and values of different XScript variables:
> <xscript:variable name="var3">
>   <body>
>     <title><xscript:get name="var1"/></title>
>     <content><xscript:get name="result"/></content>
>   </body>
> </xscript:variable>
> The SOAP logicsheet is implemented using XScript. It collects in an XScript
> variable the inline XML fragment representing the SOAP body, and then it posts
> it to the specified URL.
> I don't have much documentation for it, but I hope I'll come with something in
> the next few days.
> Besides the patch attached, you also need to place the HTTPClient.jar library
> from
> in the lib/ directory. For your convenience I attached the jar file to this
> email. I tried playing with the jakarta-commons httpClient library, but I
> didn't get too far with it.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Ovidiu Predescu <>
> (inside HP's firewall only)
> (my SourceForge page)
> (GNU, Emacs, other stuff)

> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/x-gzip name=cocoon.diff.gz
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