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From "Bernhard Huber" <>
Subject Subject: Lucene as Avalon Component?
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2001 20:42:03 GMT
I'm taking a look at lunce, a nice search engine.
As Cocoon2 claims to be an XML publishing engine,
some sort of searching feature would be quite nice.

Now I'm a bit confused how to make it usabel under Cocoon2.
Should I write a generator for the searching part of lucene?
Should I encapsulate the indexing, and searching as
an avalon component?

How should I index?
Let's say I want to provide one or more sub-sitemaps
a searching feature, and let's say the index is already
generated, how can i calculate from the internal sitemap URL
to public browser-URL?

For example I have an index over all /docs/samples/*/* files,
how can I detect that they are all mapped to the URL http://machine/*/*?

any ideas are welcome?
bye, berni

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