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From Andrew Answer <>
Subject CR/LF <textarea> problem
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 12:31:11 GMT
Hello cocoon-dev,

  I found some problem with <textarea> tag in forms.
  I use Win2000, IE 5.5, HSQLDB engine, Resin2.0.2, Jdk1.3.1_01,
  Cocoon2_20011023101502, UTF-8 encoding.
  On Windows CR/LF pair used for string end.
  I send next text to my DB with help of standard DatabaseAddAction:
  String 1
  String 2
  String 3
  When i read text to form again (standard DatabaseSelectAction), i
  see next in form:
  String 1

  String 2

  String 3

  In HTML source:
  String 1&#13;
  String 2&#13;
  String 3&#13;

  In DB saved 'String 1\u000d\u000aString 2\u000d\u000aString 3', i.e. all ok.

  I think in this actions must present selecting support (CR/LF or LF)
  depending by OS.

  Your comments?
Best regards,
  Andrew Answer        

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