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From "Gianugo Rabellino" <>
Subject Re: Configuration of SourceFactories
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 14:43:13 GMT
> > > > how about making SourceFactories configurable?
> > > The main reason is that there was no need for it until now...
> > > So you're welcome to send a patch for this to extend the
> > > SourceHandlerImpl with this feature :-)
> >
> > OK, it was a quick patch so attached is my working version. It
should be
> > a pretty straightforward addition, but please review it carefully :)
> >
> Thanks for this! It's applied - please check as I slightly changed
> the code (no instance variable is used to hold the configuration,
> and I corrected a bug of lifecycle-initialization of the factories
> which existed before your patch).

Ouch! The patch doesn't work if used this way: it 's now written exactly
as my first version was, but I changred it because I saw that it
impacted the source twice. If you choose this method (which is perfectly
fine to me) you have also to patch at line 161 where you are calling:


it should be something like

    this.init(factory, null)

since there is no Configuration object to pass on. As of now, Cocoon
doesn't even compile :/

Thanks a lot for being so quick. Would it be the case to add this patch
to the 2.0 branch too? I understand that it touches the core API, yet it
would be impossible to use a Configurable SourceFactory without it.



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