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From Per-Olof Norén <>
Subject Re: [RT] Validators using xml-schema datatype
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 14:25:53 GMT
> Hi all,
> I'm now in a deep preparation for validators rewrite as you might know
> from my latest RT, but recently one post on cocoon-users asked about using
> xml-schema validation capabilities.
> I've taken a short look at the topic and must say that it seems much
> easier to reuse xml-schema datatype element to describe data types that
> application is using, and then simply say this request parameter is of
> type, this session one of this type, and voila, ... validation descriptor
> structure shouldn't change that much, e.g., still preserving
> and other things, ...
> The question is how to implement the actual datatype validation, ...,
> as I'm not xml-schema guru so any comments welcome, ..., know that xerces
> should have some validation capabilities

Sun har just recently released its MSV (Multi Schema Validation) library.
I suggest you take a look at it, since it does schema validation.
We use it in a project of ours and it works good for us.

/ Per-Olof Norén

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