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From "Gianugo Rabellino" <>
Subject Re: Configuration of SourceFactories
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 12:39:17 GMT
> > Is there any particular reason for this? I'd really need to pass
> > configuration data to them, but I see no way (apart from changing
> > SourceHandlerImpl) to do it. Am I missing something? If I got the
> > how about making SourceFactories configurable?
> The main reason is that there was no need for it until now...
> So you're welcome to send a patch for this to extend the
> SourceHandlerImpl with this feature :-)

OK, it was a quick patch so attached is my working version. It should be
a pretty straightforward addition, but please review it carefully :)

> > Also, I would like to make the pseudo-protocol optional, but again I
> > no way to edit cocoon.xconf as I can do with the sitemap via "st".
> > wondering if it might be useful to write a different tool (maybe
> > Ant task?) using XUpdate so that it would be possible to change any
> > file.
> Yes, same applies here. The "st" tool is in fact another hack
> which should be rewritten if someone has time to do it.

I might volunteer for that, but I need to check out my timeline for the
next few days: if I can find the time I'm more than willing to do that
(I'd use Lexus if the licence is OK).

> A general ant task sounds great, although this should be then be
> directly into ant rather than into Cocoon.

Absolutely so.

> Could you please give some pointers to XUpdate. I found the
> but no implementation.

The only implementation that I knw of is Infozone's Lexus (used also in
dbXML among other projects). I see that Michael Hartle has already given
the proper pointers to it: there might be licensing issues though, even
if from a quick reading of the Lexus license it seems to me absolutely
compatible with the APL.


Gianugo Rabellino

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