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From "Gianugo Rabellino" <>
Subject Documentation: short alternative to @docname@?
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2001 17:43:51 GMT
Ciao team,

while writing the user documentation I came across quite often to the
need of writing "Cocoon" instead than "Apache Cocoon" for fluency and
readability. Since I'm stricly sticking to the use of @docname@ and
@doctitle@, I'm unwilling to write the "Cocoon" term directly in the
phrase: couldn't it be the case to have another macro that expands to
"Cocoon" only ("shortname" or "appname" maybe)?

As an example, consider the following paragraph I wrote (I'm starting
some general documentation about Cocoon configuration):

"Every application needs to be configured, and Apache Cocoon is no
exception to the rule. Apache Cocoon has three basic configuration
points: the first one is of course the sitemap, which is responsible for
making decisions about how the processing takes place given a requested
resource; the second one is Apache Cocoon's own configuration, where the
Apache Cocoon components are declared and configured; finally there is a
configuration file mostly intended for hard-core developers willing to
play with the Avalon configuration of Apache Cocoon".

Well... I think that the above paragraph sounds much better using only
"Cocoon" instead  of the whole "Apache Cocoon". Am I the only one? :)


Gianugo (who had not the time to discover where and how the macro are
expanded... please bear with my ignorance, in any case I'm volunteering
to implement that :)

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