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From "Gianugo Rabellino" <>
Subject Re: Session support
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 10:08:37 GMT
Ciao Carsten,

> If your servlet engine uses url rewriting and not cookies,
> every url has to be rewritten. Unfortunately this has to
> be done manually!
> I would like to have it automatically (at least for html)!
> What I thought of is enhancing the html serializer, so that
> he rewrites urls (links etc) if necessary. Unfortunately
> this is not possible, as the serializer does not get the
> objectModel!

As you might remember I've banged my head against the very same wall
some time ago, when I asked how to solve the relative URI problems
related to serializers that embed resources directly in the output
stream (I was writing at that time the RTF serializer, but the same goes
for all the FOP output formats).

Stefano finally explained to me that the problem with serializers is
related to the cache engine, yet I still think that placing another
transformer in front of a Serializer might be error prone (you must
remember to use it anywhere) and might end up  in just a complex way to
fool Cocoon using infact a "smart" serializer instead. This doesn't make
sense to me: it's pretty trivial to write a transformer that adds a
bunch of XML infos containing an objectModel dump, but I fail to see the
point in doing so, I'd rather find another solution or see the
Serializer APIs changed.

What I was thinking about (it might solve your specific problem too) was
a generic "Link Normalizer" Transformer that acts on a number of
tag/parameters (say "href", "src" and XLink stuff) and, based on some
configuration, does some work such as translate relative links to
absolute and append strings and parameters to them. This is a bit more
generic, yet it still seems to me a not so clean workaround.

In any case, however, this is going to be quite a mess.



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