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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: entity resolution for Documentation build - almost
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 12:17:05 GMT
I am frustratingly close to getting entity catalogs working for
the documentation build, and need some help. Here are some
patches so that you can try for yourself.

The patch to build.xml adds to the prepare-docs target
to copy the default catalog and its entities over to the
documentation build space. That is all that is required to
enable the entity resolver.
The patch to documentation/cocoon.xconf adds the config
parameters for catalog resolver.

It is safe to apply those patches. Nothing is adversely affected.
The DTDs and other entities are already being resolved to
files relative to the XML instance document.

However, if you declare a new entity set in an xdoc then
you will strike trouble. The entity resolver does deliver the
correct pathname for the entity set. However, we get ...
Failed to create InputSource: 
Is the failure because of the double-slash file:// ... ???
The actual pathname is correct.

When running via the normal webapp under Tomcat the
InputSource is successful and the page is presented.
The only difference is single slash rather than double slash
after file:

As a convenience to facilitate testing of entity resolution for
the documentation build, there is a new xdocs/catalog-test.xml
- you will need to add an entry your local book.xml

cheers, David

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