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From David Crossley <>
Subject C2 build problem, possibly with image generation
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 06:11:14 GMT
I have just had an horrific build problem that i would like
to share with you. It happens every time that i try to
"build docs" ... other builds are OK.
Notably "build printer-docs" is OK, and this makes me
wonder if it is to do with the generation of the side-bar
images. Also, i successfully ran "build newdocs" a few days
ago. However, now that that target also produces the images,
it too fails.

Anyway, the build process gobbles all of the resources on
the machine and grinds it to a halt - so much so, that the
keyboard or mouse cannot even be used. Therefore no way
to manually kill the ant process. I have tried to let it run, but
it goes on for many hours.

The only solution is to remove the power cord and let the
power management system shut the machine down.
Drastic, eh!

Is there anything that i can watch to see where the build
process is going wrong?

Linux Red Hat 7.1

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