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From "Paolo" <>
Subject R: R: R: [RT] New validator and propagator infrastructure
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 13:39:27 GMT

>hmmm... this way we can catch some "no" "false" / "yes" "true" 

You are right: a checkbox value, as seen with Vadim, is a string with a
value of 'on', when selected. But a session or a request boolean
attribute is an object, not a string. So we should process the source
parameter differently depending by its source (request parameter or
cookie are strings), and application/request/session attributes are

The request parameters can be checked by comparing the value with a
String like 'on', 'true', '1' and 'yes' (default parameter value can be
set to 'false' with 'nullable' flag for checkbox parameters). Other
sources with a boolean value. 

I think it is important that the descriptor file should be
source-independent, and the source can be specified in the sitemap.

> Another thing: I forgot the application attributes in the list of
> sources of values to check from!

>here I don't understand what you mean by "application" attributes,
apart >from having possibility to check request and session someone
mentioned for >example beans, is this what you mean also ???

No, servlet specifications define many scopes for the attributes:
request, session and application. These are several places to store
attributes in a web application.

Paolo Scaffardi

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