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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: [RT] New validator and propagator infrastructure
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2001 22:33:32 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Martin Man []
> Sent: Friday, October 19, 2001 1:45 PM
> To: cocoon-dev
> Subject: [RT] New validator and propagator infrastructure
> hi all,
> 	in response to well-known action flood we have seen over past
> days(weeks) I'd like to propose rewrite of validator actions. The
> should be one "validator" action which will do the work of all
> validator actions and maybe even more. I think we should do this
> 2.0final, because it's not more than cleanup work... and I'm
volunteering to
> do it actually but first to hear some comments...

Glad to hear it :)
Here some suggestions about propagator...


> 2. Propagator (creator)
> -----------------------
>     propagators were initialiy intended to ease the creation of
> parameters from sitemap, e.g.
>     <map:act type="propagator">
>         <parameter name="store-to" value="session"/> <!-- request,
cookies -->
>         <parameter name="value" value="{1}"/>
>     </map:act>

How about action with different direction: propagate values from
request/session/cookies into sitemap? I found that this is very useful
action (is this only for me???)
I use this pair of actions (from request/session/cookies into map and
vice versa) heavily to personalize user experience on my site (pure data
publishing). If you are interested I can send you my variants of


> 2.1. Where to store (propagate)
> -------------------------------
>  - to session attributes
>  - to request attributes
>  - to cookies
>     note that we can store arbitraty objects to session/request
attributes and
> strings to cookies. because brace expressions {name} are actualy
objects taken
> from map, we have to convert them to strings before storing into
cookies, I
> think we anyway use it for strings...
> I'd like to see your comments and suggestions as well as existing
> with validator/authenticator/propagator actions that we now have for
almost 4
> months. All those changes I'd like to do as soon as RequestContext
will be
> available (and I'm sure it will be ;-)
> P.S. note that I left aside formval logischeet which surely will need
> appropriate changes as well, please attach comments/experience to this
> topic as well (some new ideas Christian ???)
> thanx for reading so far,
> martin
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