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From "Gianugo Rabellino" <>
Subject [patch] Minor tweak to
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 21:25:08 GMT
Ciao, crashes on windows when it tries to write to a filename
containg illegal characters. During Cocoon's doc generation on W2K this
happens in at least two cases where the resulting filename contains a
colon (":") character. This one liner fixes this particular problem,
although it might be worth to investigate if there is a way to detect
platform dependant illegal characters in order to make mangle()
consistent on every platform.

Also, this is not enough to make Cocoon docs work. Main mangles
correctly the "src" parameter of the <img> tags, but in the skins these tags are actually handled by javascript code
which is unchanged. I'm thinking about cloning the mangle() function in
script.js, but then it would be the case to use that script only in
generated and local docs, not on the site. Any better solution?


Gianugo Rabellino

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