I wonder if there is a place within this projects cvs to place
contributed taglibs that might not be of interest to be bundled along with
the actual release? ie some sort of a cocoon contrib area where people could find and download
these components or taglibs and what not.
The reason for asking this is that I am thinking of implementing a cocoon based mapserver
using postgresql and postgis.
I will make a taglib for the purpose of being able to configure the generation of gml output, given the database tables.
I know that in such approach there will be similarities to the esql library.
the matcher would have the following components in the processing chain
GMLGenerator / GMLTabLib -> xslt (gml to svg) -> svg2jpeg serializer.
This way its possible to let the map users choose wether to use svg or jpeg representation of the
map perhaps using views.
I would like to hear options about creating a new "PostGISGML" taglib versus creating a "PostGISGe3nerator"
for this purpose.
Per-Olof Norén
Stockholm, Sweden