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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Using Selectors
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2001 13:21:25 GMT
Dear All,

I am trying to use the RequestSelector, without much luck so far.

Can anyone confirm that <a> it works and <b> I am using it correctly.

(sub)Sitemap snippet:


		<map:selectors default="browser">
			<!-- tests value of incoming form param 'crudlet.login.action' -->
			<map:selector name="form-submitted"
				<map:parameter name="parameter-name" value="crudlet.login.action"/>


		<map:resource name="do-login">
			<map:select type="form-submitted"> <!-- **** test not working **** -->
				<map:when test="login">
					<!-- do a bunch of stuff -->
				<map:otherwise> <!-- a login form was not submitted -->
					<map:act type="session-propagator">
						<map:parameter name="crudlet.login.state" value="timeout"/>
						<map:parameter name="" value="{target}"/>
					<map:redirect-to resource="login-fs"/>
			<map:redirect-to resource="login-fs"/>

This outputs code to my that appears it would not work
(See the "null"s):

  private boolean form_submittedSelect (String pattern,
                                        Map objectModel, Parameters param) {
    String compareToString = null;
    if (param == null) {
      compareToString = (String) XSPRequestHelper.getParameter(objectModel,
    } else {
      compareToString = (String) XSPRequestHelper.getParameter(objectModel,
                        param.getParameter("state-key","null"), null);
    return compareToString != null && compareToString.equals (pattern);

 It does not appear to be picking up my request param name in the config.

Any suggestions?


regards Jeremy

   Jeremy Quinn                                           Karma Divers
                                                       webSpace Design
                                            HyperMedia Research Centre

   <>     		 <>
    <phone:+44.[0].20.7737.6831>        <>

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