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From Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>
Subject [C2][Patch] slightly improved samples and docs
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2001 15:54:48 GMT
Hi all,

even though I'm not really up to date concerning the current
proceedings about Apache Cocoon 2, I just got around to prepare some
patches of some modifications I made to the docs and samples of
current Apache Cocoon 2.1 from CVS. If someone considers them
worthwhile, feel free to patch them into CVS.

1. Welcome page

The columns on the welcome page served by C2 are somewhat
"unbalanced", i.e. the left column is much shorter than the right
one. To improve that, my patch does not count the <group> elements but
the sample elements within to determine when to change to the second

Also, as we now have quite a lot of <group> elements, I have also
created a version of the patch that adds numbers to the group titles.

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