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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: [C2] Source path relative to servlet context
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2001 18:59:40 GMT
On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Piroumian, Konstantin wrote:

Konstantin, I really don't know why you need that. It has worked for
months now and why should we change URLFactoryImpl and what do we gain?
I think either JspServlet is wrong or your implementation of the
jsp-reader, don't you think? I would like you to try to use the
HttpContext in your jsp-reader to determine the context relative portion
of the src value.


> Hi, all!
> Can anybody help me with path resolution? I need a path relative to the
> servlet context, which I will pass to JspEngine/JspServlet for processing.
> In my sitemap I have:
> <map:match pattern="test/welcome.htm">
>      <map:read src="path-to-jsp/welcome.jsp" type="jsp"
> mime-type="text/html"/>
> </map:match>
> When I use an absolute path path-to-jsp = "/jsp/welcome.jsp" then this
> resolves to "file:/jsp/welcome.jsp" and I strip the "file:" and pass
> "/jsp/welcome.jsp" to JSPEngine and this works.
> When I use path-to-jsp = "context://jsp/welcome.jsp" the path resolves to an
> absolute path, say: "file:/C:/tomcat/webapps/cocoon2/jsp/welcome.jsp" and
> JspServlet calls getRealPath() with this and gets the path prefixed with
> servlet context path twice. And of course it gives File Not Found error.
> The same thing happens with relative path path-to-jsp-dir =
> "jsp/welcome.jsp". I get an exception because of a wrong file path and File
> Not Found error is returned.
> So, to conclude all this: I need a path relative to the servlet contex.
> /jsp/welcome.jsp ==> /jsp/welcome.jsp
> jsp/welcome.jsp ==> <request-path>/jsp/welcome.jsp
> context://jsp/welcome.jsp ==> /jsp/welcome.jsp
> etc.
> Are there any hints where do I start? Somewhere in URLFactoryImpl?
> Any help is very appreciated.
> Regards,
>     Konstantin Piroumian
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