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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon and WSDL [was Re: AW [LONG]: [C2] Providing and using soap services]
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 15:16:28 GMT
Giacomo wrote:
> Well, some of my vision may be overlapping with the Axis vision. But how
> is it related to generate JAXB compliant objects (in general I mean
> objects that can marshall/unmarshall itselfs) for the WSDL types? In my
> opinion this will increase the use in Cocoon, but I have no idea for
> Axis. Such a code generator will enable us to describing SOAP messages
> in general. At my company we've developed a XML Schema to Java toolkit
> to get XMLizable java objects exactly for that (different architecture
> that JAXB though).

We already have a WSDL to Java code generator.  It has primitive XML schema
support today and somebody working on handling more complex cases.

>> How can I help?
> I thought of starting a separate project for that because parts of it
> are not tightly bound to Cocoon2. They can be use in general (XML-Schema
> -> java source according to JAXB). If some Axis people will join we can
> build up a toolset that satisfies all (and now my Avalon bias mind sees
> pluggable generator components :).

I read you correctly, the intent of Axis is to be such a toolkit.  Before
we talk about the segregation into projects, lets figure out what needs to
be done.

- Sam Ruby

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