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From "Chris Newland" <>
Subject RE: DatabaseXActions
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 15:53:58 GMT
Hi Mario,

I am using 3 nested actions in my sitemap:

action1: form validation and substitution of default value for missing
non-nullable parameters

action2: request parameter manipulation (new values are saved into request
attributes since there is no setParameter() method on the Request object).
An example of this is a checkbox parameter with the value "on" could be
converted into 'Y' and stored in a 1 char DB column.

action3: DatabaseAddAction (I've modified the AbstractDatabaseAction to take
values from request attributes in preference to request parameters)

For any changes I make I use cvs diff -u to create a patch and then attach
it to an email to cocoon-dev. This seems to be the preferred submission
method. I'm not one of the core development team, I'm just trying to fix the
bits that I need to use.



-----Original Message-----
From: Mario Muja []
Sent: 06 September 2001 16:12
Cc: Cocoon Dev
Subject: Re: DatabaseXActions

Hi Chris,
1. how does this intermediate "request attribute over request param" work in
practice? I mean, how does your code / sitemap look like, when you use this

2. To whom do you forward your patch for AbstractDatabaseAction? Or do you
have permissions to write to the CVS tree? I ask this to find out, to whom I
shall send my own improvements of the code or documentation.

Best Regards,

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