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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [Announcement] Apache Cocoon 2 RC Release
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 13:25:08 GMT
Apache Cocoon 2.0rc1 Released

The Apache Cocoon team is proud to announce the 3rd release
of Apache Cocoon 2.0. This release has been tested thoroughly.

Apache Cocoon 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the Cocoon XML publishing
framework that
is supposed to remove all those design constraints that emerged from the
Apache Cocoon 1 experience.

The Apache Cocoon Project has gone a long way since its creation on
January 1999. It started as a simple servlet for static XSL styling and
more and more powerful as new features were added. Unfortunately, design
decisions made early in the project influenced its evolution. Today, some of
those constraints that shaped the project were modified as XML standards
evolved and solidified. For this reason, those design decisions need to be
reconsidered under this new light.

While Apache Cocoon started as a small step in the direction of a new
web publishing idea based on better design patterns and reviewed estimations
of management issues, the technology used was not mature enough for tools to
emerge. Today, most web engineers consider XML as the key for an improved
model and web site managers see XML as a way to reduce costs and ease

In an era where services rather than software will be key for
economic success, a better and less expensive model for web publishing will
be a winner, especially if based on open standards.

For more information about Apache Cocoon 2.0rc1, please go to

Changes with Apache Cocoon 2.0rc1

*) New "capture" logicsheet that allows parts of XSP-generated XML to be
captured as XMLFragment or DOM objects. [SW]

*) Removed ThreadSafe from the Action interfaces : the decision to be
ThreadSafe is left to each implementation. Consequently, existing actions
now explictly implement ThreadSafe. [SW]

*) Redesigned the handling of the cocoon: protocol. Removed the pushURI and
popURI methods. It is now possible to load cocoon: resources parallel in
several tasks. [CZ]

*) Fixed package name generation for subsitemap components and external
components. [VG]

*) Added ability to specify custom 404 error page for pipelines using
map:handle-errors element with attribute type="404". [VG]

*) Catch NoClassDefFoundError and throw ResourceNotFoundException if XSP was
requested with different case. [VG]

*) Added patch by Stuart Roebuck ( fixing the byte
handling of the ImageDirectoryGenerator. [CZ]

*) Added capability to resolve external XML entities using an entity
resolver. See the documentation for "Entity Catalogs". [DM]



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