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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [C2]: Outstanding issues for the release candidate
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 09:25:09 GMT
Hi Team,

we have agreed to make a first release candidate by the end of next 
week, so what has to be done until then?

What follows is a collection of the first release plan I posted some weeks
ago. Please add your comments etc.


What do we need for the release candidate?
- Incorporate all outstanding patches and bugfixes (Dims has already
  requested for this).
I think this is done.

- Fix all outstanding bugs
Has to be done.

- Decide which parts of C2.1 should go into 2.0
Thanks to dims this is finished!

- Update documentation. ...
Berin has posted a proposal for this. Due to my vacations I don't know
the current status of this. Berin?

- Final versions of the other projects used by c2, mainly these
  are Avalon Excalibur, Avalon LogKit and Xalan. Perhaps we must also
  update to a newer FOP version.
Well, I don't see problems with Avalon, but I would like to have a
final release of Xalan. Does anyone know the status here?

- Layout the distribution: What files in which format should really
  get into the distribution. As everybody has the recompile the dist
  to get the examples (in detail the sql examples) running, I think
  we shouldn't include a half binary dist. We should only distribute
  the sources, the required libraries, examples and (perhaps build)
> Quoting Giacomo Pati: 
> And of course fix the scripts according to the platform they will be
> running on (eod-of-line problem)

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