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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [C2]: Problems with current version
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 07:33:46 GMT
Hi Team,

I just tested the current cvs of 2.0: there are at least two
problems with the examples:

1. Aggregation: The url "" does not
   xml anymore. Has anyone a different working url providing xml or should
   remove it?

2. The state examples:
   There seems to be a bug in the currently used xalan version:
   "When accessing child nodes in a NodeList passed to an extension
    function an DTMDOMException is thrown."
   This possible bug was detected by Christian and is reported to bugzilla
   as bug 3722.
   We can eiter exclude the two state examples or revert to an older version
   of xalan (perhaps D4 or D5 should work).
   As there were some major problems in those versions of Xalan, I think
   reverting the xalan version is not an option, we should remove the

Are there any other problems with the examples?

And there is another problem:
When the distribution is build using JDK1.2 the tools.jar of the jdk1.2 is
to the distribution as javac.jar. When the distribution is now rebuild with
or used with jdk 1.3, this jar cannot be read, making C2 unusable. You have
delete the javac.jar by hand.
I would propose that we do not distribute the tools.jar (or javac.jar) in
distribution. Or would this create other problems?


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