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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: [C2]: Documentation System
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 13:50:02 GMT
Hi Team,

due to some lack of time, I just checked-in a very earlier
and ugly version of the documentation system. I checked
in only into the head of the cvs.
It's based on the avalon solution and uses the cli of
cocoon to build the docs.
The build target is "newdocs", all files are located
in the documentation directory.
There you find a sitemap, some stylesheets and all xdocs.
I started to outline the docs to the proposal from Berin
but didn't come very far...

What has to be done:
- Totally missing is the image generation for the labels.
  I started some svg tests (a starting point is the
  svg directory in the documentation directory).
- All documentation has to be entered at two places:
  the book.xml for describing the documentation outline
  and the *.uris files which are used as input to c2
  to build the docs.
  I think we should unify this and generate from the
  book.xml a *.uris file
- The stylesheets currently do not cover all areas.

So just play a little bit with it and enhance it, please.
And if you think: "Oh my, that's crap" just change it
the way you want.


> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Hi Team,
> for the final release of C2 we should take some time and
> update the documentation.
> Several weeks ago, Berin made a very good proposal
> for outlining the documentation
> (see
> I think as we developed Cocoon we should also use
> Cocoon to build the documentation!
> The Avalon project shows how to do this. Now, I
> just started to adapt the Avalon documentation
> build system to ours. Making it really working
> well and maintainable will be a more complex
> effort than I thought it is.
> So before I go any further, we should
> vote on this topic.
> So lets vote if we still should use stylebook
> or we should "update" to Cocoon for docs
> generation. Please note that this question
> has nothing to do with the question of
> the format the docs are written in!
> That's a separate task!
> Although it's a lot of work my vote:
> +1 on using cocoon
> Carsten
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