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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject RE: [C2 Vote]: Test of available classes
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2001 08:53:36 GMT
Hi Carsten,

I think that patching the "available" task would be better than maintaining
our own - if we have this problem so will other people.  Maybe add a flag to
limit the classpath?

I've patched the available task before, the ant folk put it in quite
quickly.  They are also planning a 1.4.1 release very soon.

Wrt the sitemap tool -> ant task if it's easy enough +1, but only in the
head.  Not the 2.0 branch.

Wrt the source code, why can't it live with the rest of the java code?...


and exclude this when we build Cocoon?


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Carsten Ziegeler []
> Sent: Wednesday, 26 September 2001 9:23 am
> To: Cocoon-Dev@Xml. Apache. Org
> Subject: [C2 Vote]: Test of available classes
> Hi Team,
> the ant task "available" is not suitable for our needs. It does
> not only test the specified path for a given class, but also
> the classpath set by the user/jvm.
> Our "available" test should only check the jars in the ./lib
> directory.
> I wrote a simple ant task which does exactly this, so please
> vote, if we should add this task and use it instead of the
> build-in task. Of course I am +1 on this :-)
> The second decision is where the src and the class file for
> this task should be stored:
> I suggest:
> ./bin/anttasks: for the compiled class file
> ./bin/src     : for the source
> I think we should separate this src from the cocoon src
> as it is only used by the build system.
> Last think for this topic:
> Should we convert the simple sitemap tool to an ant task?
> I'm +1 on this!
> Your votes, comments etc are welcome.
> Carsten 
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