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From "Bigwood, David" <>
Subject Multi-Database Connector
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 20:21:58 GMT

We have a requirement to prepare a generic database connector which is
able to concurrently communicate with databases on different platforms
(e.g Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc.), possibly feeding the results from
the query on one platform into a query on a second platform.

We understand that our current method of querying allows us only
disconnected queries to different platforms - we are currently using the
ESQL Logicsheet in conjunction with Cocoon aggregation with multiple XSP
pages each having a single connection pool object associated with it,
via the sitemap parameter:

<map:parameter name="use-connection" value="connection1"/>

We understand that we could query and return the resultset contents to a
(session-based) DOM and use a Filter transformer to stream into a second
SQLTransformer transformation to query the second platform - this is
also an option. 

We are interested in how our colleagues on this list may approach the
solution. Any thoughts on how you would approach it if you had to do so?

We are considering a modification to the SQLTransformer to handle
multiple connection pool objects for diferent platform queries in a
single component process. Would this be something that others on the
list would find useful at all?

Anyone doing anything remotely like this?


David Bigwood
VP Engineering, Metatomix
T: 781 895 1516
F: 781 487 7711
C: 781 983 1699

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