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From Andrew Answer <>
Subject DatabaseXActions
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 10:21:18 GMT
Hello cocoon-dev,

  1. I try to use DatabaseAddAction for getting form data. In
  descriptor file i setup column type as timestamp
  <value param="datetime" dbcol="fdatetime" type="time-stamp"/>.
  How to set request parameter on NOW + 1 hour (for example)?
  I can get integer or string values from form through request
  parameters, but can't get timestamp.
  <util:time format="..."/> not work because of this is a string
  instead of date.
  <xsp:logic>request.setAttribute("date",new Date());</xsp:logic> not
  work because DatabaseAddAction read real *parameters* only, not
  *attributes* (as i understand). I couldn't see in logs any request
  attributes, may be logger don't show it.

  BTW, now i use Hsqldb and not need to convert Java datatypes into
  another. This actions work without converting types?

  2. Anybody use DatabaseSelectAction? How it work? It present into my
  version (xml-cocoon2_20010831101539.tar.gz) of C2. When i use other
  database actions, i call cocoon-action through pressing submit button.
  How to run DatabaseSelectAction automatically when i open page?

Best regards,

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