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From "Bernhard Huber" <>
Subject Re: testing/performance framework for Cocoon
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2001 02:38:23 GMT
as there are nearlly no cocoon2 tests,
I started to write some junit testcases.
Testing the default webapplication of cocoon2,
no cocoon2 internal components testing so far.
I know that there were some thoughts about
ant, and cactus, nevertheless i'm using
httpunit (

The reason was that httpunit has a built-in servlet-container.
This may allow to do testing without deploying cocoon2 to 
a servlet container. Sadly I have not managed to this, yet.
Thus testing works only if cocoon2 is deployed.

The testcases so far are simple:
  requesting welcome page of Cocoon2, 
  examing links of the welcome page,
  requesting C2Doc page,
  examing all non external links of the C2Doc

Launching the testcases:
build.bat test, or test
  If you have installed hsqldb inproperly, 
  cocoon2 will endlessly try to create an sql pool.
  The StressWelcomeTest takes quite some time.

As I was missing some organisational discussion
I put the testcases under test/httpunit/webapp.

I hope Cocoon2 will get sooner or later some
testcases, using either httpunit, or some other
http framework.

I don't know whether cactus or httpunit is better.
This approach is quite simple.

As I the tidy package is used by httpunit, tidy complains
about some pages not conforming to HTML, especially some
"forgotten" XML tags.

The java testcases, and the result of a test run are attaced in the 

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