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From "Marcelo F. Ochoa" <>
Subject Re: [C2] docs broken, and publicising Views
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 19:40:04 GMT
jeff wrote:

>>>From a clean CVS:
>jeff@expresso:~/apache/xml/xml-cocoon2$ ./ docs
>Apache Cocoon 2 Build System
>Buildfile: build.xml
>------------------- Apache Cocoon 2.1-dev [1999-2001] ----------------
>.. chug chug..
>[Xalan2Processor] Applying XSL sheet "sbk:/style/stylesheets/scan4resources.xsl"
>[Xalan2Processor] Applying XSL sheet "sbk:/style/stylesheets/scan4resources.xsl"
>[XercesParser] Attribute "anchor" must be declared for element type "jump". [File: "sbk:/sources/uc2.xml"
Line: 22 Column: 40]
>org.apache.stylebook.CreationException: SAXException caught while parsing
>        at org.apache.stylebook.parsers.XercesParser.parse(

 I don't know why this error is throw in uc2.xml file, but there are a 
lot of files on xdocs directory with <jump anchor="id"/> tags, for 
example xsp-internals.xml.
It seem to be a problem of Xerces because with an Oracle XML parser v2 
it is validated OK acording to document-v10.dtd.

>Anyway, I would like to update the docs to reference Stefano's paper "Towards
>the Sematic Web", which contains an excellent description of "views" and what
>they're for. I suggest everyone who hasn't read it do so; it's very good ;)
  Best regards, Marcelo.

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